Newest fashion trends coming up in Summer 2021

We can’t say things have gone back to normal 100%, but little by little we are getting there. And at the end of the road out of lockdown is summer, who luckily is not that far from our doors. We’ll be enjoying the rising temperatures as we slowly get out of confinement.


With a prosperous calendar ahead of us, it’s time to take off our long-worn pajamas and start thinking about what we're going to wear in the upcoming summertime. 2021 is a year full of new fashion trends and here are our favourites.

  1. Crop tops are a must this summer, especially because during the hot weather the less is the better. They are a great piece because they can work either for the daytime or a night out, matching it with an oversized blazer —spoiler alert: oversized blazers are also a hot trend.


  1. For sure you’ve seen the challenge “Driving With a Scarf'' which is trending on TikTok to the rhythm of Baby Please Don't Go. Well, take notes because head scarfs should be included in your beach bag.


  1. Straight from the ‘80s, wide-leg trousers are making their comebacks this summer season. From high waisted trousers and cropped culottes to utilitarian cargo pants, there are a few alternatives to choose from.


  1. For an easy beach-to-bar look, netting is the trend to go. Try a fishnet dress or knit skirt over your bikini for a chic, stand-out style.


  1. Looking for new swimwear to show off this summer? Go ‘90s or go home. A flashback in time, ‘90s beachwear is back on trend, with a minimalist aesthetic and timeless color palettes.


Again, we haven’t completely gone back to our normal lives, but this summer looks promising and so do these upcoming trends. Remember, comfort will certainly be a crucial part of our wardrobes from now on.

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